About Us

Welcome to RiadLight, where the vibrant tapestry of Moroccan culture comes alive through our passion for design and heritage. Founded by two spirited individuals, Mohamed and Hasni, our journey is deeply rooted in the diverse landscapes and rich traditions of our homeland.

From the bustling streets of Casablanca, with its contemporary charm and cosmopolitan allure, to the tranquil embrace of Ouezzane, nestled amidst the majestic Moroccan mountains, we have been shaped by the contrasts of our upbringing. As Moroccan Arabs and Berbers, our shared love for the intricacies of our culture has been ingrained in our souls since childhood.

The rhythmic beats of traditional music, the intricate patterns of Berber carpets, and the tantalizing aromas of spices have always painted the backdrop of our lives. Our upbringing in two contrasting yet complementary Moroccan cities has molded our vision and perspective, infusing every design with a fusion of modernity and tradition, simplicity and complexity, authenticity, and innovation.

At RiadLight, we curate an exquisite collection of Moroccan brass lights, rugs, home decor, and pottery, each item carefully selected to embody the essence of Moroccan craftsmanship. Our goal is to bring the timeless elegance and allure of Moroccan design directly to your home.

Join us in celebrating the magic of Moroccan culture, where every purchase from RiadLight becomes a piece of the intricate mosaic of our shared heritage. Let RiadLight be your gateway to the mesmerizing world of Moroccan craftsmanship and design.

Visit us at www.riadlight.com and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Moroccan artistry.